“ What are you willing to give up, to go up?” John C. Maxwell, Thinking for a Change We all have dozens of important components of our lives that pull us in many directions. We often have brilliant ideas both personally and professionally we would like to bring to fruition. But the question is how to make it all happen? The disappointing answer is probably that you cannot make it all happen, but you CAN impact the most important components and do it with excellence and joy. The first step is to recognize that you cannot do it ALL excellently.


You may be able to do a lot quite well. Getting Focused begins with setting our priorities. What is truly important to my spirit, my family, my work, and me? What are my strengths that I enjoy honing and from which I reap and sew the most benefit? Do I want to excel? What am I willing to let go of? Ask yourself this question: Am I dedicated to removing the distractions both physical and mental to clear the path so I can clarify and concentrate on my true priorities and excel exponentially?

Ros Toynbee
The Career Coach
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