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It’s been a while since my last newsletter, so forgive me for not being in touch. I have two new exciting workshops to tell you about, the first on 27 May to help with planning your next career move, and the second on 17 June on gaining momentum in your job search. Please scroll below to find out more. If you would like a steer on either of these topics, but don’t want to have one to one coaching at this time, these workshops are an ideal way to get ideas, inspiration, support and advice from one of the UK’s leading career coaches in a very cost-effective way.




  • Are you ready for more challenge and more responsibility? Do you feel that you've (probably) grown your current role as much as you can?
  • Are you considering whether it's better to stay at your current organisation or move externally?
  • Do you have an upcoming annual review and want to discuss your career with your manager, but aren't sure what to say and how to ask him or her to support you.

You know that giving careful thought to planning your next career move will accelerate your career progression and re-energise you along the way. But what if you don't have the time or motivation to it?

If that's you, then this in-depth one-day workshop is perfect for you. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The elements of your job (or company) that you need to keep, and those you need to ditch
  • What motivates you and where you can make a bigger impact in your work
  • What really stops you from taking action towards going for the role you want, or creating it if it's not there
  • How to build allies and involve others in supporting you in the process
  • How to use tools like LinkedIn to further your career

You'll walk away from the workshop with a much clearer sense of career direction, and an effectively, timely and inspiring action plan to make it happen.

If your career moves have been determined by others instead of you making proactive choices, this workshop is especially for you. You'll take back control of your career and stop yourself getting cornered into roles or projects that no longer excite you.

Join me, and you'll learn how to make your career goals a reality in 2017.

Click here to get the full description of this workshop, and to book. 



 The job market is changing year on year and so are the ways to find work. Sending CVs and hoping for the best is not working. But why is it not working, and what can you do to get shortlisted and land a new role that is a great fit and next step in your career?

In this enjoyable, practical and highly experiential one-day workshop you’ll discover: 

  • Why reactive methods of job search (responding to job ads, recruiters) are failing job hunters and three other proactive methods you can use instead to get shortlisted
  • What employers are really looking for (hint: your experience and skill-set is not enough)
  • Why getting your LinkedIn profile right is even more important than creating an eye-catching CV, and the simple steps anyone can take to get their Profile in top tip shape even if they hate social media
  • How to network with ease, even if you’re an introvert or your network is tiny. Plus how to grow your network so it can support your search and lead you to great opportunities.
  • How to stay motivated, and prevent lack of response or rejections de-railing you emotionally and from working your job search plan
  • What you need to know to really stand out in an interview, and gain a job offer, even if other candidates have more experience than you


  • You are thinking of embarking on a job search and are looking to update your tactics, especially if it’s been over three years since you last applied for an external role, or you just that motivational push to get started
  • You’ve started your job search but you are getting shortlisted for jobs that don’t float your boat and not shortlisted for those you do. Or you are not finding sufficient jobs of interest, full stop
  • Your search has stalled, or slowed down, because you’re losing motivation and not achieving results
  • You are bewildered by LinkedIn. You don’t see the point of it and you have no interest in using it. Why the fuss?
  • You are changing sector, and don’t know how to appear a credible candidate
  • You want feedback on your CV and/or you want to get interview practice and feedback on how you are presenting yourself
  • - You are unfamiliar with the UK job market and/or are unsure how job search tactics differ in the UK to your home country

To learn more about the workshop, and to book, click here

I look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. If you are interested in these workshops but live too far away to attend, or can’t make the dates, please get in touch about other dates and/or coaching. You can contact me at ros@thecareercoach.co.uk or at the office 020 7702 9299.


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