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Last Saturday we ran our workshop Take Charge of Your Career and participants had a fantastic day of reflecting on what they really wanted for their next career move and beginning to map that out.

Our follow-up workshop on gaining momentum in your job search is just over two weeks away on Saturday 17 June. It's also in central London and our early bird tickets will close this Friday 2nd June by 5pm, if finding a new job, internally or externally is a priority for you this year.

Finally, we’re launching a new webinar on LinkedIn. We get requests for how to build a profile you can be happy with – and most importantly gets seen by recruiters and employers. This is just one week away – so book now to avoid disappointment!

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1. DEVELOP MOMENTUM IN YOUR JOB SEARCH Sat 27 May 2017, central London

The job market keeps changing and so do the ways to find work. Sending CVs to employers and recruiters is not working. But why is it not working, and what can you do to get shortlisted and land a new role that is a great fit and next step in your career?

In this enjoyable, practical and highly experiential one-day workshop you’ll discover: 

  • Why reactive methods of job search (responding to job ads, recruiters) are failing job hunters and three other proactive methods you can use instead to get shortlisted
  • What employers are really looking for
  • Why getting your LinkedIn profile right is even more important than creating an eye-catching CV, and the simple steps anyone can take to get their Profile in top tip shape even if they hate social media
  • How to network with ease, even if you’re an introvert or your network is tiny. Plus how to grow your network so it can support your search and lead you to great opportunities.
  • How to stay motivated, and prevent lack of response or rejections de-railing you emotionally and from working your job search plan
  • What you need to know to really stand out in an interview, and gain a job offer, even if other candidates have more experience than you

 To learn more about the workshop, and to book,

2. THE REALLY USEFUL GUIDE TO LINKEDIN - WEBINAR, a week today - Wednesday 7 June 7pm

If you’re looking for a job (or thinking about it), having a LinkedIn profile that showcases what you can offer a new employer will open up a world of possibilities.

Not only can it put you before employers who are right now actively searching for talent like you right now, you also have access to a network that can inform you about jobs before they are even advertised and help you tailor your application so you are shortlisted when they are.

One trend The Career Coach is noticing  is that employee referral schemes are growing. Companies are cottoning onto the fact that talent referred to them by their employee network is far cheaper than advertising directly or going through employers. If you know how to use LinkedIn to reach out to staff who can refer you, you are likely to bypass the competition who apply directly. This is just one of many tactics we'll show you how to do. 

In this 75 minute interactive webinar (where you can join us from your laptop at home – there's no need to travel) on Wed 7 June, our resident LinkedIn expert Danny Bermant will show you how to

  • Optmise your LinkedIn profile so that you get noticed by employers
  • How to use LinkedIn to carry out research – an essential tool for helping you find the right employer as well as weeding out the ones you’d rather avoid
  • Grow your on-line network with relevant contacts who can help you in your search and refer you to the employers they know
  • How to interact with your network – what to say so they can open doors for you
  • Understand the new interface so you can find all the right tools to accelerate your job search.

You’ll receive a myriad of useful tips which anyone can use and have all your LinkedIn questions answered, including whether it’s work paying to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

To book click here.

Can’t make it live? We are making a recording so you can replay it at any time, with a handout, so sign up to the live event to receive the recording and send us your questions by email to in advance.

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