Dear Ros

  • Are you thinking of going freelance?
  • Or maybe you are freelance already but want to return to a PAYE job?

If so The Career Coach is running two webinars in May that you might like to come to.

Should I Go Freelance is for you if you are in corporate life and seriously considering your options (or have recently made the leap).

Working for yourself can happen from “push” factors (e.g. by redundancy or burnout) or the “pull” of greater work/life balance and autonomy. Whatever your reasons, you’re joining an increasing group of professionals from lawyers to marketers who are working this way.

However fear can set in from colleagues, family and friends quoting that old saw about how many businesses fail in their first year. It might be a concern that feels real for you too.

So what are the mindsets and skills you’ll need to secure your first client and get on your way?

This one-hour evening webinar on 13 May will help you think about whether going freelance (or remaining so) is the right thing for you and give you hints and tips on where to begin.

To book and secure your place, click here for Should I Go Freelance? webinar

Returning to Permanent is for you if you have been freelance but you desire to return to a permanent role in a secure company.

  • You might have lost motivation for what it takes to build a consistent flow of clients and income, or be drowning in administration and accounts which take you away from what you love doing.
  • You might feel that as being on your own you only get to do piece work and being in-house you could work more strategically, have greater responsibility and make a bigger difference.
  • Your bills are increasing and/or you miss the security of a regular income and being able to be paid for sick days and holiday pays.
  • Or you miss the company of a team, those watercooler moments where you can bounce ideas off other people and have a greater demarcation of work and home life because you can arrive at and leave an office.

Whatever the reason for wanting a PAYE job, you might have found that applying through LinkedIn expecting to be shortlisted isn’t happening as often as you would like.

If this is you, you’ll benefit from this one hour evening webinar on 3 May to help you address the concerns that employers have about hiring freelance on a permanent basis and land a role that’s right for you.

To book and secure your place, click here for the Returning to Permanent Webinar

Job Searchers

We are re-running a successful workshop we ran last year called Land That Job on 12 May. Read here for Land That Job information for further details.

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