Dear Ros

If you had a whole six hours and a leisurely lunch to talk with a highly-skilled coach about your career and skills, what would you love to get resolved?

  • To get clear on your career direction and plan your search for the next move?
  • To understand specifically how you will achieve your next internal promotion and pay-rise?
  • To build new essential leadership/project management skills?
  • To sound out a great initiative that you’d like to propose to make a significant difference to the experience of your colleagues, clients, or to the environment?

… or something else?

This week, I spent a day from 10.00 until 16.30 having a coaching intensive with a client who had come down from Derby to London to thrash out his career direction and plan his next move.

Like many in the engineering and IT sectors, he’d fallen into a pattern of a string of contract engagements, but had reached a point where – with changes to the IR35 tax laws and lack of variety in the work he was doing – he wanted to go permanent.

Read on to find out what we did together over the course of the day and the outcomes it achieved for him.

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Enjoy the sunshine,

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