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  • Feature Article: Things to consider before accepting a job offer
  • Feature Article: Stress and burnout and how to avoid it
  • Guest Blog: The essential skills employers will be looking for in 2020

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Hello Ros, 

It's a new year and a new decade. 

Recent news events about what is happening in the world politically and environmentally have led many of us to feel despairing about the future. And yet at least in London and the UK more widely, if you are looking for a new job the job market is probably the best it's been since before the financial crash in 2008. If you have been active in a job search and are close to receiving a job offer, you'll benefit from reading the tips in our job offer article below. 

Then again, if you are feeling stressed due to constant change, a long period of time in which your team has been without the people and resources it needs to operate well or down to more personal factors such as feeling a disconnection between the work you do and what you enjoy, this months article by Boots Magazine on how to avoid stress and burnout may give you a way forward.

Finally, it matters to keep your skills up to date but which matter the most? Our guest blogger, the recruiter Chris Stappard, shares his observations on what employers are asking for - that can't be replaced so easily by AI and the disruptions affecting all sectors.

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Things to consider before accepting a job offer

You nailed the interview, and now you have to consider whether to take the job. Before you say yes, consider these six areas, to ensure you're making the best career move on the best possible terms in this article in which I was interviewed by Law Absolute recruitment specialists. 


FEATURED ARTICLE: Stress and burnout and how to avoid it

Workplace burnout has been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global occupational phenomenon. Particularly susceptible are the self-employed, parents and carers and anyone who feels perpetually connected to work by their smartphone. Boots Health and Beauty Magazine interviewed me for my thoughts on how to speak to your boss if you are drowning and feel personally that little bit more in control.


GUEST BLOG: The essential skills employers will be looking for in 2020

We know AI and technology are altering the way we work. going into 2020, guest blogger Chris Stappard of Edward Reed Recruitment tells us to expect an increased focus on flexibility and interpersonal relationships in order to keep up with these changes. Here are the top five skills he predicts employers and recruiters will be looking for in the coming year. 


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