Hello Ros, 

Colourful Radio in London interviewed me recently on challenges in the workplace and how to overcome these and build fulfilling careers.

The warm and welcoming Julius Mbaluto and Faye Rowlands of the show "Global Conversations" asked me about how I became a coach, having a career in law, parental expectations of career, the "always-on" culture and how to get balance, dealing with difficult bosses, receiving criticism, career change, mentoring and more in this hour-long interview.

If you're interested, check it out by going to http://www.colourfulradio.com/podcast/julius and clicking on Sunday's podcast 2020-03-07-0700.

If you don't want to listen to the whole hour you can forward the iplayer and dive into the key sections you're most interested in:

07:08 How the question "What do you really want to do with your life" led to me retraining from law to journalism, and then coaching.

07:14 Career paths are breaking down creating new opportunities to build careers that speak to our personal interests

07:17 Nurturing our kids' passions

07:20 Why ACAS complaints are rising - and how we can manage rising workloads and the "always-on" culture better

07:34 How to deal with "difficult" people we work with

07:37 How to give and receive criticism

07:43 What to think about before you change careers

07:49 Mentoring

07:52 Setting up your own business

07:56 Why the ending of a contract or redundancy can bring a new lease of life for your career

Happy listening!

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