Dear Ros

How are you today, and is that better or worse than what it was yesterday? Monday? Last week?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and disorientated some or all of the time, you are not alone.

I’m noticing a trend in many of my clients. That they are trying to replicate the busy way they conducted their work and lives when they still had a commute to the office, only virtually.  Heap on having to home-school kids (if you are a parent) while proving you are still just as productive as before/staying visible to your manager through email, IM, video calls… and I am wondering how well this utter chaos is serving any of us.

I’m wondering if we are somehow missing the point of what coronavirus is forcing us to confront… about ourselves and how we continue to keep pushing ourselves (and for what purpose?) and about how we have been treating ourselves (and the planet) in the rush to achieve.

This week I have been contemplating what would most serve my clients - and those who I am not working with right now but have over the years been part of my wider community.

  • Did those new to working from home and using new technologies need a how-to guide?
  • Did those struggling to lead teams virtually for the first time need a guide on that?
  • Do those who are at risk of losing their job need my thoughts on the job market and how to land a new job in these turbulent times? Or if they still have a job, how to keep it and the money coming in?
  • I also thought about creating a workbook so you could coach yourself to build resilience and optimism.

I concluded that while there is a hunger for answers, many coaches and experts have already been blasting our inboxes and LinkedIn profiles with their hints and tips (or we can check out youtube for how to use Zoom). I wasn’t convinced you needed more tips from me right now (though I have a view on these and you’re welcome to ask me).

No, my conclusion is that this time is for stepping back and allowing ourselves to be in the eye of the storm, centred, still, observing what is so for us rather than in the swirling winds. For we are in an ultramarathon, not a sprint.

So here I find myself offering something I haven’t done before, which is to hold an open space, online, for anyone in my community in which we step back to

  • Breathe, restore and reconnect with ourselves
  • Reflect on and explore together what feels more important than what we have been doing, in life and work (and if you want to get meta, for people and planet)
  • Support one another as we learn together and share try new things we’d like to experiment with to create more sustainable ways of living and working.

I expect to take about an hour or so. If we get a huge turnout we may run on a little more. 

The details

What: Open Space Zoom Meeting with The Career Coach

When: Tuesday 31st March - 4.30 pm


Then take a moment to register at Open Space Meeting, so that I have a rough idea of numbers. Thank you.

You’ll receive Zoom dial-in details when you sign up.

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Stay well.

With love,

Director and Lead Coach, The Career Coach and Ros Toynbee Coaching

P.S. There’ll be more resources and Zoom meetings to help leaders and professionals adjust to the “new normal” in future weeks and months. Keep a lookout for these. And if you have an idea for a specific topic or question you’d like to see covered, do email me at



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