Dear Ros

Have you been furloughed or laid off?

Were you looking for work before coronavirus hit and are still in the job market?

Are you wondering how to find a job in this time of economic upheaval and staying at home?

Quite a few clients are asking me for my thoughts on how coronavirus is affecting the job market - and how to use this time to best effect to land their next job. So I am running a webinar called "Looking for Work" this coming Friday afternoon to share my thoughts and take your questions.

I'll be covering

  • Can we be optimistic? What do the stats tell us about the state of the job market and where the opportunities lie
  • Why being strategic is the key to saving time and energy
  • Top tips on refreshing your CV and updating your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to do video interviews
  • The curveball questions in interviews I think employers will be asking
  • How to manage conducting your search from home - without going crazy

In 1993, when I graduated from law school, the Scottish economy was so poor that only 35 out of the 120 people I studied with achieved traineeships. I landed mine after one interview when the other traineeship at the firm was given to the other chap only after his second interview.

I also found work despite the bubble burst of the early 2000s, and as a career coach, helped many professionals and leaders find work when in late 2008 the banks went down.

While we are not in a "traditional" recession, there were significant changes to the recruitment process even before the virus, which all job seekers should know about if they are to succeed in their search. 

I expect to take about an hour or so. If we get a huge turnout we may run on a little more. 

The details

What: Looking for Work during Coronavirus Zoom Meeting with The Career Coach

When: Friday 10th March - 4.30 pm


Then take a moment to register at Looking for Work, so that I have a rough idea of numbers. Thank you.

You’ll receive Zoom dial-in details when you sign up.

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Stay well.

With love,

Ros Toynbee
The Career Coach
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