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This week LinkedIn's data analysts shared their statistics on the sectors most and least hit since the UK government introduced its coronavirus instructions. 

If you are actively looking for a new job - or might need to soon - you need to know these hiring trends, so that your efforts are not wasted. 

Come join me, Ros Toynbee, career coach, for an hour on Zoom at 4.30 pm this afternoon.


  • Can we be optimistic? What do the stats tell us about the state of the job market and where the opportunities lie?
  • Why being strategic is the key to saving time and energy
  • Top tips on refreshing your CV and updating your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to do video interviews
  • The curveball questions in interviews I think employers will be asking
  • How to conduct your search from home - without going crazy

Hear from others in the same boat as you about their experiences of this unusual job market.

And, bring your questions to the call about how to optimise your chances of landing your next role.

The details

What: Looking for Work during Coronavirus Zoom Meeting with The Career Coach

When: Friday 10th March - 4.30 pm


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Looking forward to seeing you later on Zoom!

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P.S. Can't make the call, yet keen to discuss your situation one-on-one with a member of our team? Then you can book a call through our calendar. 

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