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If you're looking for a job, are you using recruiters in the right way?

Searching for a new job can be a lonely process.

With the right recruiter or headhunter in your corner, and by building a productive relationship with them, you can make a big difference in your search results.

Here are five benefits to working with one:

  1. You can extend your reach to organisations that you have no connections with. Your name can get before people you might not otherwise.
  2. They can coach you to get ready for the first interview with the organisation. They will know what the organisation is looking for and steer you as to exactly how their recruitment process will run and the answers you should prepare. Because they build relationships with their clients they can give you inside info on who is in the team, and the parts of your CV that will be most in-demand helping you to knock it out of the part in the interview.
  3. They can give you inside information on the culture of the organisation and how the role came about. Asking about this can help you decide whether this role is worth pursuing further – or should be avoided at all costs!
  4. A great recruiter works in genuine partnership with their client organisation, and so is able to challenge biases the company think they need (such as 5 years experience in their sector working for the competitor) and put forward people with new perspectives and skills that the organisation actually needs in order to be able to fulfil their vision and goals.
  5. They can be good at telling you the bigger picture for the job market for your function, seniority and location including where the growth is coming from (particularly useful in these times). They can give you feedback on the salary range you can expect (which might surprise you) and tell you which gaps to close to maximise your desirability to other employers, all of which you can apply to the rest of your search strategy.

They’re not always easy to find, read rest of article to find our how to find great ones for you.

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